Tai Johnston-Batov

Ct.H, RMT, Ct.Kids Yoga Teacher, PMT

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Baby Yoga

Open To Receive


Metaphysical or spiritual name for your Endocrine System

Centers in our body in which energy flows through


Tai offers "Chakra Reiki" 

A combination of Holy Fire/Usui/Earth/Angel/Kundalini Reiki to support you and your energy system.

Sit back, watch and receive.

Chakra 1: Root Chakra located in the base of the spine corresponds to our feeling of being grounded, connected to Mother Earth and connected to the tribe. Watch to learn more. 

Chakra 2: Sacral Chakra located in the lower abdomen ~ Spiritual name for the energy center in your body that corresponds to the reproductive organs of the endocrine center. Responsible for sexuality, finances, addictions.  
Reiki treatment is effective for clearing problems associated with the second Chakra and also bringing an enlightened awareness to questions and issues.  

To book an Integrated Session with Tai go directly to her website AGreenHeart.com.