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Awakening The Divine Sacred Feminine

Hello WONDERFUL!!! I hope the summer heat is treating you well and you are having a chance to slow down a bit and sip in the sweetness of the season. I have been enjoying the ease and grace that summer provides. With longer days, more sunlight and the heat...and wow can we just say holy HOTNESS!!!.... summer provides us an opportunity to slow down, relax and to enjoy being alive. I have really been making a conscious effort to slow down, to be more present, to take better care of my physical body, to eat healthier, and to really enjoy this time of my life with my kids, with myself and with my husband. Just, yesterday, my husband and I hired our babysitting angel, Ashley, to watch our kids so we could go out for a jog together on the trails in Palos Verdes. As we were reflecting on where we are today, I reminded him of a time not so long ago when our cash flow was so tight that we couldn't afford to go out by ourselves. We don't have family living near by or any free babysitting services so we have had our fair share of challenges finding time to be together as a couple or even time to get away on our own. We did make time for ourselves yesterday to be together and it left us feeling energized, inspired and fueled with extra love to share with our kids.

Time is precious and sacred.

We all need time to nourish ourselves, replenish our energy sources and to connect with nature, with each other and with ourselves. Nature provides us opportunities to feel a sense of wholeness. Sometimes, all we have to do is slow down so we can notice what we already have inside of us. For every Wonder Women Unite Retreat and now, Born Wonderful Retreat, I always set a theme and create an intention for myself in preparation of being your retreat facilitator and guide.

The theme for the next retreat is:


The divine feminine energy is the energy of creation. She is the essence of who we are as a woman. She is circular in nature and expansive in her nurture. There is no limit to the nature of the divine feminine energy source. She is abundant and she has the power to bring new life on to the planet in a myriad of ways from birthing babies, to running business, to building homes, to creating sacred circles, to creating art and to singing songs. The Divine feminine energy is expansive in energy. She is the spirit of awakening. She is the feeling of flowing with ease through life. The Divine Feminine Energy is also, powerful beyond belief. She can flow like hot lava or crash through the river banks like raging rapids. She can be both, wild and still.

She is what she is without apology. The Divine Feminine Energy Source is Mother Nature.

The divine feminine energy is found in both men and women. The energy is one of nurturing, loving kindness, goodness and grace. As women, we are naturally wired to embody the energy in a more obvious way then men but men, very much have the capacity to be in the flow of creation, too.

As women awaken more to our own sacred energy source, men are given a greater opportunity to let down their guard and recognize they can choose to work against us or let go and go along for the ride. When we fill ourselves up from the inside with a deep appreciation for the bodies we are inhabiting and we take time to nurture our nature, everyone in our lives benefits!

How we choose to share our extra energy is entirely up to us.

At this next retreat we will be doing a variety of ancient and modern day practices designed to awaken your divine feminine energy source. We will meditate, do yoga, dance, journal, hike, and you will have plenty of opportunities to slow down, to tune in and to acknowledge the divine feminine energy and wisdom that you were born with.

You already have everything you need inside of you. Sometimes, you simply need a loving space to explore and share who you are.

I would absolutely love to fill the Raise Your Vibe Barn to capacity! Chrissy and Anjalé, the creators of Raise Your Vibe, are powerful forces of Mother Nature, and they truly are living in the flow of the Divine Feminine Energy Source. I am so lucky to have them working behind the scenes as an extra set of angels before hand and on the scene the day of the event. They host amazing gatherings and I am blessed to be able to share their space. They will be there throughout the whole retreat holding the space, serving up delicious Shakti infused juice, and Anjalé will work her magic as she lulls us all into the sweetest meditative space with her enchanting singing bowl vibrations! I really don't want you to miss out on this day. It will be SACRED and WONDERFUL! We have space for 23 women to join us. Some Wonderful Women have already saved their spot. So if you feel called to experience this high vibration retreat, now is always the best time to set your intention, commit to taking care of yourself and to be your most wonderful self!! SENDING YOU SO MUCH WONDERFUL LOVE!

Erin DiMaggio

This event has already happened. It was wonderful!

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