• Erin DiMaggio

Perfect Creations

Our children do not enter this realm needing to be fixed, molded or re-created. They are born perfect creations of love, grace and blessings. Every being is born with a specific soul purpose and a unique destiny. It is our job, as parents, to discover what that is and to help them full-fill it.

We cannot see clearly when we view the world only through ego-centered eyes. The ego seeks to be the best, to compete, and the ego sees life through the physical realm, often losing touch to the loving essence inside. The ego serves a special purpose and when we tune in to the inner whispers of connection to one another, we can use the ego to assist us in our heart-felt dreams and spiritual desires.

The Soul has no physical barriers or limits. The Soul is equally present in everyone and every human body. The body serves as a container and the more open our hearts are, the more likely we can feel the Soul's presence. Sometimes, those who appear to be physically challenged by disabilities, are often the ones who are most connected to their loving essence.

Our role, as parents, is to discover and own all parts of ourselves, so that we can further assist our children in honoring who they came here to be. When we awaken to the spiritual principles of love, acceptance and inner knowing, we can attune to the deepest calling of our Soul. Sometimes, in the moment, what we see as a hardship, a difficult behavior or a struggle, is in reality a unique blessing given to our child to one day carry out their specific soul-curriculum.

Growth happens when we seek to nourish and support ourselves, especially during the challenging times. When we take time to look, listen and feel what is unfolding inside our own hearts and then, become curious about what is present inside our childrens' heart, we will become more opent to an abundance of miracles and blessings.

May we continue to experience the grace and beauty that this world has to offer and discover it everywhere.

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