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Who is an Enlightened Momma?

We can’t really understand what it is to be a mom until we have become one. We can attempt to project ourselves into the shoes of another by watching and thinking, “What would I do if he or she were my child?” We can try to understand, but the truth is, it is impossible to understand what we will do until we have done it. Wisdom does not come from saying “If I were you, I would…” It comes from saying, “I know what that feels like, because I have been there. And, because I have been there, I no longer need to project myself into your shoes. I have walked in my own.”

Being a Mom is a 24/7 position. There are no vacation days, sick time, or opportunities to just pick up and leave to go out and find ourselves. We might search for some magic moment or take some time away so we can detach from the responsibility of emotionally, spiritually, physically, socially and intellectually stimulating the growth of another human being but once we are a mother, we are forever attached by a spiritual umbilical chord that has no understanding of physical world reality time. We are forever connected to something greater than ourselves and once we understand the depth of the Hood that comes with mothering, selfishness is no longer a viable option. We are always on call.

We can’t really understand the exhaustion, frustration and demands that come with nurturing another human being until we have stayed up all night with a sick child, cleaning vomit off sheets and then getting up through the night again, and again, day after day to do the exact same thing. Nor can we understand the pain that comes from not being able to fulfill our own expectations of the projections we once made about how we were going to act when we become a Mother. On the days when we don’t fill those shoes, that we planned to walk in, there is a deep sadness and disappointment that only a Mother can know.

We can’t really understand how deeply we can love another human being until we have held them in our arms and carried the responsibility of choosing to go against the easy impulses in life to find happiness and instead do what is best and sometimes hardest, to teach a lesson and then, to wake up and repeat the same cycle over and over again. As Mothers, we are doing what the Universe asks of us; in order to prepare our child to one day, walk this path without our arms to hold them up. We are given these precious souls, who come in as babies and then we are told that they are not ours and then, we are told that, one day we will have to give them back to the world. It is our truth that we all hold in the wisdom of our cellular being.

I created Enlightened Mommas because I love being a Mother. For me, it is the greatest call that I have ever answered. When I die, I will leave this Earth knowing that I fulfilled my life’s purpose, which was to bring three precious beings to this planet and hold them, guide them and love them. There are so many things that I want to do but above all else, Motherhood is my greatest calling. And having said that, I also know that sometimes the responsibility of raising a family feels like too much to take on by myself. I have had the privilege of experiencing Mothers who are deeply connected to the Village Of Motherhood and I have been blessed to experience the support of many Enlightened Women. I know that when I am with these women, I am the best version of myself. It is my great desire to create a space for every Mother to have access to Mothers who know how to love one another.

Enlightened Mommas is not about being a perfect Mom. Enlightened Mommas is not about teaching only One Way of being a parent or One Way of communicating. We provide insight, inspiration and information. What we do with that is up to us. Enlightened Mommas is about loving one Momma at a time. We can give each other our best when we learn to love ourselves as we are in the moment, while we are going through what we are going through. And then, we love ourselves and celebrate our victories especially, when we make it through the rough patches. And when we can do that for ourselves, we can easily give it back to one another.

I created Enlightened Mommas to fulfill a personal desire within myself to give back to the greater good of Motherhood. I, like most Moms, have little time to myself. I feel called to wake up before the kids each day so I can remember who I am. Enlightened Mommas is a space for me to wake up, to tune in and to listen to the inner wisdom that exists inside my own heart and then to share it.

All Mommas have a voice, sometimes, it comes in small whispers and at other times, it comes in like storms. This voice is the voice of our inner Momma wisdom. It is unique to each individual Mother and it has a unique call that connects us to each one of our children. We are not the same personality with every person, nor can we be the same with each child. We shift and change like the wind. We are instruments in an energetic orchestra of strings and chords and sometimes we are puppets to something bigger than the limited version of ourselves. Sometimes, we are playing a role to fulfill a higher purpose than what we have the physical eyes to see and the ears to hear. Each child brings out a different version of ourselves and we need time and space to process those versions so we can feel whole and connected. Enlightened Mommas was created to honor and respect our unique experiences as Mothers and to embrace the power of Love.

We are different than a lot of sites for Moms because we promote taking 100% responsibility for our own experiences. We work on letting go of projections and instead, when we see another mom struggling with their kids, we know the best thing we can do is to go inside, ask ourselves, “Have I been there? Have I felt what she is feeling?” Then we ask, “What did I need, then? What helped me?” And then, we are humble enough to know that what we needed or wanted might not be what they need or want. The only way we can truly understand someone else, is to stay centered in whom we are and be a witness of what it is that they are bringing forward for us to see.

Enlightened Mommas was created to be a space where we can say, “I hear you. I see you. I love you.” We are a community of Mothers who have the wisdom to know that judging one another only adds to the struggle and we don’t need to make this journey harder than it needs to be. We are here to lift each other up, praise each other and raise our awareness and deepen our connection to the loving energy that exists on our planet. We are here to celebrate who we are…We are Enlightened Mommas!

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