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Stepping Outside Of Yourself Is A Sure Way Of Getting Lost!


Have you ever found yourself stepping outside of yourself and into someone else’s body?

If you practice mindfulness then you know exactly what I am talking about.

If you haven’t tried mindfulness here is an easy way that you can make the world a better place, one thought at a time.


You are at the beach playing in the sand with your kids. You look up and you see this Bronzed Bikini Clad Beauty effortlessly gliding across the sand. She looks to be at least 5 feet 10 inches tall. (If you are a 5 foot 10 inch model, I apologize for using you as an example but I hope this helps you, too). There is a momentary hush on the beach. Your kids put down their sand pail and they look away from you to see this lady from the angelic realm passing by. Even the water stands still. The sand settles more deeply into the earth. Your eyes drift away from your personal belongings and you longingly glance at her as she is gliding by. You begin to feel depleted, insecure and wanting for something more than what you have. You feel envious and you wish that your body looked like hers. You start to judge the woman and how great it must be to be her. You think, “She is so lucky. Oh, my God! Her life must be so easy. It is not fair that she gets to run around looking like that. If I looked like her I would run around in a bikini, too. She is just showing off!” You continue to project all of your own insecurities onto her and you tell a story about what it must be like to live inside her skinny body. Then, you decide that there must be something wrong with her and you think about all of the ways that you are really better than her. And the internal competition begins. You think you would be different if you were she.

So, the truth is very simple and very obvious…

YOU would be different if you were she. You would not be you. Let me tell you, THE WORLD WOULD BE A VERY SAD PLACE IF YOU WERE NOT IN IT!

If you want to make the world a better place then the first place to start is by tending to the weeds inside your own head. If you feel like you should look differently than you do, then you have probably unconsciously bought into the medias’ and societies’ ridiculous programming about what a women’s body should look like. You have in some way been sold a load of crap! You don't have to buy into it! When you let go of this type of programming that says there is an IDEAL body, you can open up to a way of being that is so comfortable inside your own skin that you never have to leave it. When you love your skin and your whole body, then you are more likely to nurture it, take care of it and do all that you need to do to feel healthy and supported from the inside out!

Here’s how Mindfulness can assist you in loving your skin!

Mindfulness is a practice of paying attention to the thoughts that you are having.

To practice it you can write this out on paper, with pen and give it some serious consideration. Write out your answers.

Think: “What Am I thinking?”

Feel: “How do the thoughts I am having make me feel?”

Decide: “What do I want to feel about my body?”

Answer: ????

Forgiveness: At the heart of all growth and learning is the practice of forgiveness. Forgive yourself for any judgments that you made about the Super Model running by. Remember that Super Model is living in the skin she was given. She did not show up to do something to you. She is being who she is! She is probably showing you how to be who you are, too. You might not know it, yet but when you do then forgive yourself for judging yourself as less than her. Forgive yourself for forgetting to love who you are. Forgive yourself for not loving your amazing body and life! Forgive yourself for anything that you did not want to do.

Truth: Acknowledge all of the ways that you show up in the world. Acknowledge everything that is good and real about who you are. Acknowledge all that you have and all that you give to those around you.

Practice: Make a list of all the ways that you want to feel by using “I AM!”


I AM beautiful! I AM healthy! I AM strong! I Am smart!

Elaborate: If at first you don’t believe these things to be true then fake it until you make it. Repetition builds connections in the neural circuitry of your brain. What you repeat in your head will become a thought pattern. So, practice until you are in love with every inch of your body.

When you are fully living in alignment with your unique soul purpose on this planet you do not need to look like or be like anyone other than who you are. Your body, with all of your curves, wrinkles, dimples and rolls is perfect as it is right now at this present moment. And if you are the Super Model, your body is perfect with all of your slender, lean and long form. The lady that walked by might be reminding you of your own inner calling to take care of your body and to work your own magic on the beach.

Now, go back to making sand castles with those babies you brought here and shake what your Momma gave you!

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