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The Scale Lies!

Dear Momma,

I have a confession to make. It's a bit overdue and I so hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me and possibly understand why I believe I am no longer good enough to be your friend. When we first met, we really understood each other. I was always honest with you. I gave you really good feedback and I was a really great mentor and a trusted friend. And you, you were always there for me...so consistent and steady. For awhile, we had a really good thing going there. But lately, I can't help but feeling like I can no longer give you what you need. I am thinking that maybe, it is time we seperate, at least for a little while until we can work out our differences.

You see, I haven't changed over the years. I have always been exactly the same as the day we first met. But you, you have changed. In all of the years we have known each other, I have been watching you very carefully. I was there on the day when you found out you were pregnant. I will never forget the intense love I saw in your eyes. I remember it like it was yesterday. You monitored everything you ate and kept a log of every pound you gained. I was with you while you were growing, literally, growing! Your waist expanded, your hips stretched wide, your body changed in ways neither of us even knew was possible. Even your feet grew a half of a size bigger. You changed so much it was hard for you to recognize yourself, let alone see over yourself to even notice me. I rode the wave all the way up with you until you gained that final pound right before you brought your precious baby into this world.

You stuffed me away for a bit. Every once in awhile you brought me out but it was mostly to weigh your baby. You stood on me once with your baby in your arms. Then you placed him gently in the crib while you hopped on again. You made notes in his baby journal and subtracted his weight from yours. It was clear to me that it was no longer only about you and me! You got me out again a few more times but it was never like it used to be. Everytime we did get together, just the two of us, you seemed upset. I wanted to comfort you but the only thing I could offer, was a few digits. I knew you needed more. And to complicate things, verywhere you looked there was some crazy image of what your post-baby body was supposed to be. I saw those fitness magazines and celebrity magazines on the bathroom counter. I thought, "Momma, remember, those people want you to feel bad about your body. They have products to sell you. They are driven by profit not love. You can't ever let them win." Then, I wanted to scream out, "Honey, Oh My God! Are you for REAL?? You just had a baby! Don't you worry about a number. Remember, your baby lived inside of you. Your body was his home. And now your body is his jungle gym. Girl, love those curves because your curves are part of the miracle that brought that baby home! Girl, you are doing so much! You got it all going on Momma!" But I couldn't say any thing at all except ###. So, here it is Momma, there is a time and place for everything. I know my worth. And it's time for us to take a break. I was never really good enough for all of your greatness. I am only a number. Your worth, your work, your love and your service can not be measured by me. I do hope you understand. In the meantine, please continue to take good care of yourself. And maybe one day when your not so busy carrying the weight of your family and you have time to think about what I really am, we can back together again.

With All The Weight In The World, I LOVE YOU!


Your Scale

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