• Erin DiMaggio

Beautiful Tree!

Ray of Light

Ultimately the goal of our lives is to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

BE so rooted in the knowing of who you truly are that nothing can sway your truth.

Your personality is like the many branches on a tree.

You are rooted deep in the soil of this life.

You are the roots, the soil and the trunk of the tree.

Your branches will sway and if they don’t move in the wind, they will break.

The leaves will change according to the season they are in and the season is rarely determined by you. The season is naked, cold and bare and blossoming, nourishing fruit.

People will pick from you and others will prune you. And sometimes, just sometimes, someone will walk by, look up at the light shining through your leaves, stretch out their arms, close their eyes and say,

“Thank you! Thank you for being who you are, my amazing tree.”

Allow yourself to go through the seasons of your life.

How boring the world would be with only one color of leaves.

You are a little of every season. You are a little of every color. You are the roots, the soil, the branches, the leaves and the fruit.


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