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Dear Mommas

Dear Momma,

I hear you talking about your babies all the time. I know you love them and you are doing your best to show them how to live in this world. It's not always easy and I know how hard you try.

I just want to tell you a little something. I was there the day you were born, when you were a baby in your Momma's arms. I saw the look in your eyes and how much your Momma loved you. I also saw how you shined.

I knew you were a Spirited little baby. I can always tell what kind of baby everyone is. Some are Zen, some Little Lions and some Funny. Babies come in like that...just being who they are. That twinkle in your eye told me you were a spirited one.

I have been watching you grow up and checking in from time to time. I have seen how many times someone tried to steal a bit of your twinkle. Your Kindergarten teacher told you, "You are too loud. Good girls are quiet." Your first grade teacher said, "You have horrible penmanship and you are not as smart as the other kids." I was there that day when you were singing on the play ground and the other girls yelled at you, "Shut Up!" You just kept on dancing and singing and playing and being you.

And then, I was there that day when you fell down. You were tired. I watched you as you tried to hide your sparkle. You coverd it up. You stuffed it down. You put it away and you tried so hard to hide. You thought if I don't show it, nobody can steal it. You went on like that for a real long time. You started to fit in and blend in with the crowd. You tried so hard. You walked around feeling like something had been stolen from you and you just didn't know what it was.

And then you became a Momma, and I was there that day. I saw the look in your new baby's eyes. Oh, Yes! Your baby said, "Momma, I am a Spirited One!" And then, I saw that look in your eyes! I rememberd it from 30 some years ago. I just knew that your baby brought your sparkle back and you were never, ever, ever gonna let it go.

I love you, little Spirited One. You and your baby just keep on shining!


Your Guardian Angel

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