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Parenting and Spirituality

I have always been on a Spiritual Journey where I have sought out many spiritual paths and ways of being mostly, because I could not deny the thirst I felt to be connected to something bigger than me.

Religion serves as a container for the boundless energy of some Divine presence that I have no name for. I love Buddhism, Yoga, Tantra, Christianity, New-Age-Wisdom, Meditation, Mindfulness, Chant Circles, Wise-Women Circles, A Course in Miracles and The Power of Now and really any practice whose pupose is to deepen in the ability to become more loving, soul-centered human beings. I find Truth and Wisdom in most paths when the common core is LOVE. I find in people, that it is not the ideology of their particular beliefs that make them good. Rahter, it is their ability to walk the talk and put the practice into action. The Belief fills up the gas tank but it's of little use in this world if you don't drive the car.

How does this relate to PARENTING?

In the beginning of my parenting journey, I practiced "Attachment Parenting" and then "Democratic Parenting" with some "Free-Range and Play-Based Parenting" mixed in and then a Non-Violent/Heart Centered Parent and any that promoted emotional intelligence and connection with children. In the 9 1/2 years of Mothering, I have read over 3 dozen books on parenting, gone to numerous workshops and conferences and been a subscriber to more parenting podcasts than what my I-phone has storage for and I have also been a loyal listener to many good Ted Talks on Brain Development. Up until now, I have been on a "GOOD Parenting Quest."

At this point I don't really think there is a right or wrong way to be a parent. Nor, is there one way to do it. If your parenting style is based on love, connection and raising a successful and kind human being then I think you are on the right path. For me everything has started to blend together into some mystical, magical soup inside of my brain or it could be that my brain is a bit mushy from nursing for the past 19 months. Either way, I love the process of aquiring information and then exploring what best fits the nature of who I am.

There are so many styles of parenting advertised and promoted by all of the "EXPERTS"...child psychologists, neuroscientists, teachers, pastors, authors and parents. It's pretty astounding to think that we really need to be taught what has been done since the beginning of humanity. Imagine what the Cave Ladies must think of us Mommas. But the reality is that in order to evolve and do better as a species, we do need some teaching and direction. Especially, being that mothering used to be done in a village as part of a tribe. The culture of Mothering has shifted for us modern agers and often we are left alone to figure it all out for ourselves. We Mommas need each other. I am all about Mother-to-Mother support. For those Mommas out there who never experienced love and connection as children it is essential to build communities and supportive environments for growth, learning and love.

I do not believe that there is one set way to be an Enlightened Momma. This journey is about moving forward, starting over and growing up again and again. If you are someone who constantly questions old paradigms and seeks to be the change that you want to see in the world and in your home, then you are an Enlightened Momma. If you are someone who practices parenting from your heart and from a place of love, then you are an Enlightend Momma and I want to know you!

There are Many paths, tell us about yours.


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