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What is an Enlightened Momma?

I have to tell you, quite honestly, I am the creator and developer of this site, and I don't always feel so enlightened. There are moments when I feel everything but enlightened.

The good news is that I have had enough life and soul-experiences of loving, atunement and authentic connection that I know the difference between the two worlds. I know when I am living free from fear and ignorance and when I am not. My preference if for keeping it real and hanging out with Mommas who do the same. I consider those Mommas, Enlightened Mommas.

As Enlightened Mommas, we can choose to shift our awareness from darkness, negativity and despair to one of light, hope and love. It is with the essence of humilty and self-acceptance for who we are in the moment, that we can freely share and empathize with others as they are going through what ever it is that they are going through.

The very first time I heard Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote, "Life is Journey, Not a Destination," I immediately fell in love with him and his words. I tend to do that with authors, spiritual teachers, and podcasters, it's a wierd habit of mine...not like stalker wierd, just a deep and profound psychic love connection...and for the record, I am totally and completely in love with Paulo Coelho. Look him up if you haven't heard of him...he's totally enlightened. Anyway, Emerson brought me to a place of complete surrender and in that moment, my restless soul took a loud, audible breath...it was an ahahh moment! It is from that space of surrender and acceptance for what is, that we can become Enlightened Mommas! It's all about the journey!

From Emerson's quote, I concluded for myself that when I am done, I am dead. So, isn't it better to be moving, growing, learning and journeying together. I think we call that LIVING!

It is an amazing experience to be able to love oneself through the darkest of times and then to be that vehicle of unconditional loving for another human being as they are moving through the shadows on their own path. Just because we are in a grown-up body doesn't mean we don't have a little growing up to do.

We can't get through this life without hitting a few rocks in the road. Momments of dis-ease and confusion are, our soul stirring us up for another learning opportunity. Enlightened means to be freed from ignorance. It would be ignorant to think that we have all of the answers...It is a REALLY BIG UNIVERSE. Realizing that we don't have ALL of the answers allows us to be open to continue learning, receiving feedback from the world and to deepen our connections with others on this sacred journey.

Letting go IS the first step toward enlightenment. And from there, it's all about waking up. So, let's all wake up together and have a little fun along the way!

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