Parenting From the Heart


Parenting is EASY...

Unless of course, You want to do something other than parenting...LIKE...

Going to the Bathroom

How do we find our center?

How do we stay centered so we can feel connected?


Parenting & Spiritual Psychology

Spiritual Psychology is the study of our collective experience as Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. In the practice of Spiritual Psychology we exam the mind, body and spirit to discover our Soul's purpose. By reflecting on our own narrative, being mindful and practicing self-forgiveness; we learn to let go of misinterpretations of reality, limiting beliefs and anything that hold us back from being our most loving and true selves. Through the lens of Spiritual Psychology we are able to see clearly that everything we are going through is for the evolution of our Soul.

Parenting & Connection

The Human Brain is the most complex organism of our entire system. Fortunately, in the last 20 years, neuroscience has confirmed what Yogis, New Age Disciples and Heart Centered Parents have known forever, The Brain is wired for connection. It has a complex set of neural circuitry that can be nurtured and developed at any age. Enlightened Mommas practice parenting from the heart because we believe in building the connections in the brain for emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-confidence.  

Parenting & Needs

Behavior can be seen as an attempt to meet a need. When children and grown-ups yell, scream or throw fits; they are using strategies to meet a need. They may not always be effective strategies; but often it is the only thing they know how to do in the moment. Enlightened Mommas practice self-care.  When self-care is practiced our needs for space, nourishment and energy are usually met. When we feel cared for, we are more likely to parent in alignment with our best intentions.  We can parent from a place of love, understanding and logic. Parenting from the heart involves becoming more aware of what it is that you need to give yourself in order to fully love, understand and accept your child. So, in turn you may fully care for the world around you. 

Parenting & Support

We are not wired to exist in isolation. We are wired to connect and work together as part of a community. We believe that parenting is best done with the support of the village. Sharing authentically about our own experiences encourages others to do the same and often what we find is that what we are going through is actually a very normal phase of a child's development rather than some atrocious pattern of behavior. It is in coming together, that we can find practical and applicable solutions to help us stay centered and calm as we experience our reality.